About Us

As a design-focused, people-first company, our mission of curating better living for everyday means more than being a leading specialist for superior bathrooms. For us, it means collaborating with passionate people and investing in their futures. Celebrating diversity and empowering involvement. It means challenging the benchmark and driving possibilities. It means cultivating a memorable experience of well-being and value; for every person engaged. From international suppliers, artisan craftsmen, pioneering logistics teams, to our dedicated in-house workforce; passionately delivering committed excellence, all to you.

Fronted by former property developer, Pietra is steered by self-proclaimed designer CEO Wayne Spriggs. With his meticulous detail driven approach, he continually explores the next wonderous creation designing each item exclusively himself. Owning a lifetime of first-hand accomplishment in the bathroom industry, Wayne single-handily shaped Lusso Stone from modest humble beginnings, to an international luxury brand supplying the finest hotels, acclaimed designers and consumers to over 80 countries across the world. If anyone knows how to deliver an online luxury platform; Wayne and his team know exactly how to serve.

Implementing the same principles which excelled Lusso Stone to its rapid success, Wayne bares no hesitation when it comes to embodying a relentless passion for detail, dedication to quality, durability and commitment for value, all combined with unparalleled customer service.

Pietra’s future guaranteeing immediate stock, worldwide shipment, sealed with a premium sales team ready to assist, is set to champion the fast-growing demand for epitome luxury living.