PIETRA | Marble Bathroom Inspiration


World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Across the world, there’s a long list of luxury hotels that many of us can only dream of visiting. From marble-filled Roman getaways to secluded golf course retreats, there’s something to inspire and satisfy everyone, whether you desire a romantic city retreat or an activity-filled escape.  The marble experts at Pietra have scoured the secretive world of luxury hotels to lift the curtain and put together a checklist of just some of the opulent extras you can expect from the world’s most luxurious hotels, from pillow menus to private butlers. ... Read More


Your Guide to Our Marble Collections

Our Pietra collection is the embodiment of how bespoke marble designs can transform the bathroom or kitchen space of your home. Such is the impact of this breathtaking naturally-formed stone, we’ve procured a collection of marble that spans a stunning array of colours and finishes to suit all tastes and any decor style.  Read below for your guide to our collection of Pietra marble basins, marble baths and marble vanity units. Amazon Blue Reflecting the mystique and colouration of this stone’s namesake, our Amazon Blue marble is a breathtakingly beautiful... Read More


Nature-Inspired Bathrooms

One of the biggest interior design trends of 2021 is bringing the outdoors, in!  Following almost a year of us all spending a lot more time at home, interiors have started to reflect our desire to get back outside, with bathrooms, in particular, taking on a new nature-inspired aesthetic.  At Pietra, this particular trend is one that we know our products are designed for. From our use of high quality materials for our range of marble baths and marble basins to our selection of accessories perfectly crafted to give the... Read More


How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you can wash away the stress of the day or get ready to spend an evening socialising or relaxing. At Pietra, relaxing bathrooms are our speciality.  Whether you want to be transported to a modern Scandinavian spa or sink into the luxurious atmosphere of a 5* hotel, our bathrooms come with tranquillity guaranteed. Of course, a relaxing bathroom isn’t just about the type of baths and basins you put in it; relaxation comes from looking at the whole picture and incorporating... Read More


An Introduction to the Beauty of Marble

Pietra marble is a thing of exquisite beauty; naturally formed and each carefully hewn piece a one-of-a-kind, this breathtaking stone will make a stunning addition to any home.  Our team are well-versed in creating magnificent bathroom and kitchen spaces, so we’ve asked for their expert opinion on the virtues of marble and how you can incorporate it into your interior.  Aesthetically Pleasing and Adaptable The aesthetics of marble are common knowledge and clear to see. A metamorphic rock that gains its distinctive veins and colouration from sediment beneath the surface,... Read More