An Introduction to the Beauty of Marble

Pietra marble is a thing of exquisite beauty; naturally formed and each carefully hewn piece a one-of-a-kind, this breathtaking stone will make a stunning addition to any home. 

Our team are well-versed in creating magnificent bathroom and kitchen spaces, so we’ve asked for their expert opinion on the virtues of marble and how you can incorporate it into your interior. 

Aesthetically Pleasing and Adaptable

The aesthetics of marble are common knowledge and clear to see. A metamorphic rock that gains its distinctive veins and colouration from sediment beneath the surface, marble is formed in limestone and is a crystalised form of limestone or dolomite rock.

The stone’s properties enable it to be cut and polished to a high-gloss, which has made marble incredibly popular in palatial settings everywhere from the Pantheon to Buckingham Palace. Commonly associated with opulence and grandeur, marble has been used for thousands of years since the times of Ancient Rome, featuring widely in luxurious floors and fireplaces. 

Thanks to advances in technology and know-how, namely hi-tech CNC cutting technology (Computerised Numerical Control), we’re now able to cut marble into the intricate and compact designs you see across our Pietra range. 

Whether a marble bath, marble basin or vanity unit, each stunning Pietra product can be created with amazing precision and attention to detail.

Pristine Yet Practical

Though you could be forgiven for believing that marble is brittle thanks to its flawless appearance, the stone is actually incredibly practical and long-lasting when taken care of properly. 

There’s a reason that marble has been chosen to feature in castles, palaces and grand homes across the globe; it will stand the test of time and look no less remarkable as the years pass by. 

Now more than ever, thanks to advances in sealant technology, we’re able to keep marble stain-free and solid in structure, with minimal resealing and very little cleaning required during general upkeep. 

Caring for Pietra marble is incredibly simple; you should avoid using any products that contain harsh chemicals and acidic substances. The likes of alcohol, lemon juice and vinegar can be problematic for marble, so it’s advised that you clean any such spillages up as quickly as possible rather than allowing them to sit. 

With regular cleaning carried out using a mild, diluted detergent and a soft cloth or a recommended specialist product, there’s no reason why you’re not able to enjoy Pietra marble in your bathroom or kitchen space for many years to come.

Choosing The Ideal Pietra Marble For Your Home

As we touched upon earlier, no two pieces of marble are the same, with each slab featuring its intricacies after being formed naturally within the earth’s surface. 

This means that whichever type of Pietra marble you pick, it’s guaranteed to be completely individual. Whatever the hue and finish you choose, you’ll be benefitting from a breathtaking natural stone that’s unique to your home. 

When choosing Pietra marble, study the patterns to ensure that you’re happy with the appearance of the stone and that this investment is exactly what your bathroom or kitchen space requires for the best possible results.

Marble aside, you should also consider the shades used in the fixtures and fittings of your bathroom or kitchen, choosing a marble that best suits your colour scheme and works alongside your decor to create one cohesive interior design.

It’s also beneficial to bear in mind the effects that the environment will have on marble. Baths and showers cause limescale to occur, so opting for a lighter marble is advisable as marks will be less visible than they would on a darker shade of stone. 

If you’re interested in introducing marble into your home, explore our Pietra range, bespoke services and contact our team today. For further product information and interior inspiration, browse the Pietra blog page.

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