How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you can wash away the stress of the day or get ready to spend an evening socialising or relaxing. At Pietra, relaxing bathrooms are our speciality. 

Whether you want to be transported to a modern Scandinavian spa or sink into the luxurious atmosphere of a 5* hotel, our bathrooms come with tranquillity guaranteed. Of course, a relaxing bathroom isn’t just about the type of baths and basins you put in it; relaxation comes from looking at the whole picture and incorporating the finest materials available from your fittings to your countertops.

Arguably, now more than ever, being able to release the stress of everyday life is incredibly important. We’ve asked our bathroom experts to share their top tips for creating your own relaxing bathroom space. 

Relaxing Bathroom Colours

Colour is often one of the first things you think about when creating a new decor scheme and it’s arguably one of the most important. 

The right shades will be essential to achieving a relaxing state, however, it’s not all magnolia and beige! Although indeed, neutral shades work well in a bathroom, there are a whole host of modern neutrals that will give your bathroom a contemporary aesthetic that remains super relaxing. 

Look for soft greys, polished whites and gentle green hues if you want to adhere to a minimalist approach in your space. These colours can be injected through tiles and paint as well as countertops and fixtures.

Darker colours may not scream ‘relaxation’, but in fact, a dark hue might be exactly what your bathroom needs. Taking the lead from the new crop of luxury hotels and resorts around the world, deep shades such as navy, emerald, slate and in some gothic-inspired spaces, black, can create a cosy, welcoming room that will have you counting down to bathtime.

Luxurious Marble Materials

To create a truly sanctuary-like, serene space, your choice of materials is paramount to honing in on the perfect atmosphere. After all, you wouldn’t find cheap plastic and unfinished wood in a spa, would you? 

Perhaps the finest choice of material you can employ to achieve this type of space is marble. Marble works superbly well across basins, baths and countertops, meaning that there’s plenty of scope for including it into your space wherever you see fit. At Pietra, our marble range is a fine example of the pinnacle of marble-work, featuring carefully carved marble bathroom fixtures that scoop and undulate over smooth surfaces and gorgeous curves. 

What’s more, the astounding thing with marble is that no one piece is the same, meaning that the marble you feature will be unique to your relaxing space. If you’re hoping to create a fortress of solitude that looks and feels like no other, it’s fair to say that marble is a perfect choice. 

An Uncluttered Bathroom

It seems obvious, but having a cluttered bathroom will almost certainly harm your levels of relaxation. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your bathroom looking magnificently minimalist, but even a small bathroom can employ clever storage tricks to help keep your essentials out of sight. A vanity unit or countertop with integrated storage is a great choice for any bathroom interior, especially if you choose one that incorporates a basin. 

At Pietra, our collection of marble vanity units include an array of storage types, giving you ample room for your toiletries and bathroom cleaning products. If you’re lucky enough to have countertop space, you should try to use this wisely too. Attractive seagrass baskets are very on-trend right now and can be used to hide a multitude of bathroom storage sins.

Serene Small Spaces

Not everyone has space at their disposal to create their own spa-like bathroom in the home, but thankfully, there are ways that you’re able to create a relaxing smaller scale bathroom.

At Pietra, we’ve created marble baths and a whole selection of marble basins to perfectly fit more compact spaces, giving you the foundations to start your mini-haven. With a smaller space, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette with flashes of colour injected through your accessories. 

White tiles or paint appear incredibly striking when paired with flashes of metallic such as rose gold or brushed gold, perfect for creating that 5* luxury you crave. If floor space is limited, look up to incorporate some of those inventive storage ideas that we mentioned earlier. You can also hang plants from the ceiling and shelves can be slipped in above doorways to keep your space fresh, clean and clutter-free.

Relaxing Finishing Touches

Once you have your chosen colour, the perfect material and storage sorted, it’s time to start adding some finishing touches to your bathroom interior.

In our opinion, a relaxing bathroom simply isn’t complete without some added greenery; not only will the addition of plants improve the look of your space, but it will also increase the quality of the air in your bathroom too. 

If you caught our guide to creating a bathroom that promotes wellness, you will know all about the purifying qualities of plants and why they should be an essential part of any decor scheme. 

Plants such as Aloe Vera are great for bathrooms as they thrive in the humid air, while you can also look at other low maintenance house plants such as ‘spider plants’ and small palms to inject some natural beauty into your bathroom space. 

As well as being inspired by nature, there are plenty of other avenues to explore when it comes to discovering the ideal finishing touch. Scented candles are another must-have for your bathroom, as relaxation is as much about scent as it is sight or sound. Look for aromas that promote relaxation such as lavender or ylang-ylang in a candle form or a reed diffuser.

For more interior inspiration and product advice, browse the Pietra blog page for expert tips and how to guides.

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