Your Guide to Our Marble Collections

Our Pietra collection is the embodiment of how bespoke marble designs can transform the bathroom or kitchen space of your home. Such is the impact of this breathtaking naturally-formed stone, we’ve procured a collection of marble that spans a stunning array of colours and finishes to suit all tastes and any decor style. 

Read below for your guide to our collection of Pietra marble basins, marble baths and marble vanity units.

Amazon Blue

Reflecting the mystique and colouration of this stone’s namesake, our Amazon Blue marble is a breathtakingly beautiful symphony of aqua tones, with twists and turns akin to an undercurrent that combines to create this tranquil design. As shown in the picture, this marble stone works superbly alongside brushed gold taps and fittings, contrasting to stunning effect. With that said, if you prefer a more understated look, Amazon Blue works just as well alongside chrome or brushed stainless steel.


Heralding from the north of Italy, our Arabescato marble could quite easily be at home in an up-market piazza or grand villa. Whether you’re sipping at an espresso in your kitchen or enjoying a long, relaxing bath, this sensuous stone’s swirling, smoky grey waves and ripples stir the senses and instil a sense of calm and serenity into your home. Given the crisp white and soft grey hues, you’ll find that matte black is the perfect accompaniment for Arabescato. 

Blue Limestone

Elegant and impactful, our Blue Limestone marble exudes class and sophistication from every smooth surface and clean line. Though blue by name, this stone is more akin to a dense black and appears strikingly bold while simultaneously remaining understated. This allows our remarkable Blue Limestone to stand out for all the right reasons in your space without being too overbearing and overshadowing the decor.

Brown Emperador

Far from dull and ordinary, our Brown Emperador marble can make all of the difference to your bathroom and kitchen design. An intoxicating mix of calming taupe and crisp whites combine to result in a resplendent yet unobtrusive finish and luxurious aesthetic. Naturally, the perfect companion for fawn hues is opting for brushed gold fittings to truly cap off this classy natural stone. 


Perhaps considered the classic style of marble, our Carrara range is carved from the Italian Alps and lovingly carved by our team of experts before making the difference in your home. Pearly white in appearance with soft pearl grey veins, if one was to envisage marble, Carrara would most likely be the image conjured up. Smooth, highly polished and timelessly stylish, our Carrara collection is incredibly adaptable and will suit all styles of fittings. 

Crema Marfil

Widely regarded as the finest ivory marble in the world, our Crema Marfil collection is obtained from the town of Pinoso on the border of Alicante and Murcia. Also famous for its production of fine wine and rock salt, Pinoso’s marble is revered across the globe for its striking beauty and muted tones. You’ll find veins of calcite breaking through soft hues of ecru, with complementary dustings of cinnamon scattered throughout to comprise a hushed marble that doesn’t need to shout to make itself noticed in your bathroom or kitchen space. Given the neutral and balanced colourways of our Crema Marfil marble, you’ll find that its at home with a range of fittings, including both brushed gold and matte black taps.

Dark Emperador

Our Dark Emperador collection is visually decadent, offering your bathroom or kitchen rich tones that simply ooze class and style from every carefully hewn angle. Comprised of rich, chocolatey tones and intricate, indulgent cream veining; Dark Emperador is truly a feast for the eyes and able to transform your home. Mined from the quarries of Bursa in the North West of Turkey, this luxurious marble is best completed with something from our brushed gold collection.

Hermes Grey

If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated finish, our Hermes Grey collection is a fantastic option. Also heralding from Turkey, this sun-baked grey is broken by lightning-like flashes of white veining, with intricate detailing up close but a more muted aesthetic from afar. This makes it the perfect companion for contemporary spaces and pairing with matte black or brushed stainless steel finishes. 


If you’re searching for a stone that’s guaranteed to make an impression, look no further than our Panda collection. Mined in China, this marble consists of contrasting crisp whites and jet blacks with swathes of gunmetal grey breaking the monochromatic marriage. Such are the intricacies of this completely individual natural material, you’ll also occasionally find flashes of green and almond hues in select sections. Matte black fittings are the standout choice when it comes to completing this remarkable marble.

Pietra Grey

The Pietra Grey collection is the pinnacle of refinement and finesse, lending its attractive aesthetics to provide a luxurious finish to any bathroom or kitchen space. Silky smooth in texture and a smoky grey in appearance, this Iranian stone is extracted from the Isfahan province before being crafted and lovingly carved by our expert team. With muted greys broken by brilliant white veining and sporadic, glassy crystallisation, this adaptable stone can’t fail but at a classy touch to your home.

Pink Onyx

Quarried from Northern India, our Pink Onyx collection is an intricate and captivating natural stone that offers plenty of palatial prowess. With semi-translucent properties, this stone features a flawless mix of soft white and flecks of blossom pink, only occasionally broken by subtle scores of black.
You’re able to complement this captivating stone’s nuanced aesthetic with the addition of brushed gold fittings.


The Volakas collection is Greek in origin, and fittingly, this breathtaking stone would not look out of place in the famous Parthenon or the Old Temple of Athena. Tranquil and harmonious in its appearance, our Volakas marble exudes luxury and relaxation from every smooth surface or expertly carved corner. Its striking white composition with rippled soft greys sit wonderfully well with contrasting matte black fittings to achieve a bespoke finish. 

If you’re searching for more information on any of the collections or products featured, please don’t hesitate to contact the Pietra team, or browse the rest of our informative blog page

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